Sunday, September 29, 2019

October onslaught

Lots going on in October including a West Coast tour with Chris Brokaw's End of the Night Band and the release of Hound Dog Taylor's Hand's new self-titled LP (their second LP, their first with me) and some related shows.

First off, to celebrate the May release of Chris Brokaw's album End of the Night, he's assembled a crackerjack band featuring me (they can't all be winners), cellist Lori Goldston, drummer Luther Gray (all of whom are featured on the album) and drummer Dave Abramson. We'll be heading down the West Coast with some excellent acts like Kinski, Ilyas Ahmed/Jonathan Sielaff, Bill Orcutt, Jeff Parker and more.

10/10/19 Seattle WA @ Clock-Out Lounge w/ Kinski, SkullKat *Event page*
10/12/19 Chico CA @ Naked Lounge w/ Donald Beaman *Event page*
10/13/19 San Francisco CA @ The Lost Church w/ Chuck Johnson *Event page*
10/14/19 San Francisco CA @ The Lost Church w/ Bill Orcutt *Event page*
10/15/19 Los Angeles CA @ Zebulon w/ Jeff Parker *Event page*

As all that is happening, Hound Dog Taylor's Hand's new s/t LP is coming out on Canada's Planned Obsolescence Recording & Novelty Inc. on October 11th. Hound Dog Taylor's hand is the Pacific Northwest's premier purveyor of avant-primitive jazz rock featuring Jeffery Taylor on electric guitar, John Seman on contrabass, Mark Ostrowski on drums and as of late 2017, me on electrified trumpet. Pre-orders are available now and we've got T-shirts (a first for me)! There's even a Wire cover on the LP, but the post-punk cognoscenti deemed the trumpet to be not post-punk enough, so I'm not on that track. And as if that's not enough, there's also a VIDEO for the opening track "Look Up and Let Go."

To celebrate all of that, we'll be playing a couple shows in October and a record release show on November 1st.

10/19/19 @ Midden Festival, The Edison Granary, Bow WA 
also Lori Goldston, V. Vecker, Tarsier Eyes, and many others.... from noon to 11pm.

10/29/19 @ Royal Room, Seattle WA 
also Metal Men (Eric Muhs, John Hawkley), Dangerknife (Nico Sophiea, Brad Rouda) with the Japanese silent film "A Page of Madness". 

11/1 /19 @ Blue Moon, Seattle WA 

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

September Songs

9/28/19 @ Taoist Studies Institute, Seattle WA
Performing a piece by Austin Larkin w/ Austin Larkin, Amelia Coulter, Troy Schiefelbein, Maggie Brown and a duo set with Lori Goldston.

9/26/19 @ Northwest Film Forum, Seattle WA
Puget Soundtrack live soundtrack for Arrington de Dionyso's The Emergency Labyrinth w/ This Saxophone Kills Fascists (w/ Arrington de Dionyso/China Star/Sam Klickner)
also Mike Gamble Ensemble, IXNAY (Maxx Katz and John Niekrasz)
*Event page*

9/25/19 @ The Chapel, Seattle WA
Performing Catherine Lamb's Prisma Interius IV (2017) for viola, voices, secondary rainbow synthesizer, and trumpet w/ Catherine Lamb, Bryan Eubanks & Laura Steenberge.
I will also be playing a duo with Bryan Eubanks to open the show.
*Event page*

9/8/19 @ TAC: Temescal Arts Center, Oakland CA
Quartet w/ Chris Cooper/Jacob Felix Heule/Danishta Riveiro
also Zachary James Watkins, Glands of External Secretion (solo)
*Event page*

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Duo with Rob Millis: 8/22/19 at The Chapel

After a slew of activity in July, I'm just playing one show in August, tomorrow night at The Chapel at the Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford (Seattle, WA.)  Rob Millis and I will be playing guitar & electronics and trumpet & electronics respectively. Here's our write-up...

"Rob Millis (guitarist, author, filmmaker, Climax Golden Twins, Idol Ko Si) & Greg Kelley (trumpeter, insurance underwriter, nmperign, Heathen Shame) have performed twice as a duo, one time involving their usual instruments guitar & trumpet in a resplendent display of feedback, the other time involving the Baldwin Fun Machine, an electric organ manufactured in the 1970s and known for creating good times, and a slide whistle run through delay and a ring modulator. Both attempts were considered successful by the participants and the third time is the proverbial charm."

8/22/19 @ The Chapel, Seattle WA
Duo w/ Rob Millis
also Marcia Bassett/Samara Lubelski, Krausbauer/Suzuki
*Event page*

Wednesday, July 24, 2019


"Unkempt, untidy, absent-minded,
Soaked through with smell of dill and rye,
With linden-blossom, grass and beet-leaves,
The meadow-scented month July."
Boris Pasternak, July

(I used this poem for last year's July entry, but... oh well... if anyone reads this *and* has some idea about July poems, please post them in the comments.)

July was going to be a quieter month with just a couple of performance commitments, but it has blossomed into handful of shows weighted towards the last week of the month (and one which has already happened)....

7/31/19 @ Vermillion, The Every Other Series, Seattle WA
also readings of Oulipo & Oulipo-inspired works by Fran├žoise Canter & Paolo Pergola
*Event page*

7/28/19 @ Black Lodge, Seattle WA
Trio w/ Dave Abramson/Bill Horist
also Media Giant, Blackwell/Delisle/Sinibaldi
*Event page*

7/27/19 @ Embrace the Chaos: Experimental Arts & Print, Rainier Cultural Center, Seattle WA
also Death Masks, Adam Levitt, Neil Welch, etc.
*Event page*

7/24/19 @ Royal Room, Seattle WA
Quartet w/ Casey Adams/Wally Shoup/Tom Scully
also Citrine (Mike Gebhart/Wayne Horvitz/Levi Gillis/Geoff Harper), Match (Ruby Lucinda solo)
*Event page*

7/13/19 @ Experimental Brunch, Snohomish WA
also Death Masks, Adam Levitt, Forrest Friends, Tarsier Eyes, etc.
*Event page*

Friday, June 21, 2019

On June 8th, I opted to leap into the 21st century and start a Bandcamp page. I uploaded my entire solo discography*: solo trumpet, musique concrete, 4 track experiments, synthesizer explorations & even some blown out electric guitar, released between 2000 & 2008 on CD, cassette, CDr & LP. It’s all name-your-price, stream at will. None of this material has been on any streaming platform before, so a lot of it has been inaccessible & unheard for years. I’m glad it’s all now available. Please check it out.

* In 1996, 1997 & 1999, I released some very limited edition cassettes entitled Sick Little Men, moon/shout/shatter & I'm not even sure what the 1999 one was called, it may have been untitled. They were all solo recordings made on 4-track and very few were made - essentially demos. I only have cassette masters of the first two and unmixed 4-track cassettes of the last one. Maybe someday, I'll put in the effort, but what's on Bandcamp now is everything that was given some kind of "official" release. Tonight, I'll be putting up a compilation of every ("official") solo compilation track I've done to this point, which is a mere 6 tracks from 2002-2014, clocking in at about 30 minutes. After that, I would like to start putting out some new material, rather than focusing on old cassettes (for the time being.)

Monday, June 10, 2019

More June...

June 13 in Seattle...
June 22 in Seattle...
June 29th in Portland...

Thursday, May 23, 2019

May-June performances


6/7/19 @ The Chapel, Seattle WA
Performing Lori Goldston's Rivulet w/ Lori Goldston/Dave Abramson/Kole Galbraith/Haley Freedlund
*Event page*

5/29/19 @ Vermillion, Seattle WA 
w/ Haley Freedlund/Amelia Coulter

Recently passed... 

I got to sit in for the opening intro of Kinski's set at the legendary River Dan's and joined Philly/Chattanooga's Virtual Balboa for the last set of their West coast tour.

5/16/19 @ Vermillion, Seattle WA 
w/ Virtual Balboa (Evan Lipson/Zach Darrup/Ben Bennett)
also Wally Shoup/Casey Adams, Sundowner Band, Yeomna
*Event page*

5/4/19 @ River Dan's, Seattle WA 
w/ Kinski (opening intro)