Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hair Police: Our Minds Problems Vol. 4 quadruple c30

"september 2009 release ; epic 4-tape box (covering 2 hours of music !!!) from mike connelly, robert beatty, and trevor tremaine’s hair police, continuing their “our minds problems” series of archival issues covering jams, gigs, and blowouts culled from 8 years of their existence & featuring work from former members matt minter & ross compton as well as outsiders greg kelley, c. spencer yeh, and john olson
this set was manufactured as a “fundraiser” for their fall 2009 european tour ; mms received half of the tinypressing to help the guys out (i.e. this is only available here & out on the ‘ol lonesome road) ... naturally, it comes highly recommended !!!"

Recorded 2001-2009
All Sides: Beatty, Connelly, Tremaine
Collaborators: John Olson (2), Greg Kelley (3), C.S. Yeh (4)
Former Accomplices: Matt Minter (1), Ross Compton (1)

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