Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Upcoming shows

2/4/10 [Thu] PAs Lounge, Somerville MA
with Chris Corsano & Bill Nace
also Noise Nomads, Needy Visions, Cotton Candy

2/5/10 [Fri] Goethe Institute, Boston MA
with Birgit Uhler & Forbes Graham

2/20/10 [Sat] Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY
Fragments Shoring Ruin
Premiering "Bursts in ultraviolet air" for 15 speakers
also Chris Brokaw, Matt Heyner/Sean Meehan

3/6/10 [Sat] Mobius, Boston MA

3/17/10 [Wed] Outpost, Cambridge MA
with Seijiro Murayama & James Coleman
also Geoff Mullen/Keith Fullerton Whitman

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