Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Some forthcoming & some recently past shows (Summer '16 edition)


8/15/16 @ Teatro de la Psychomachia, Seattle WA
also playing: 
Ryosuke Kiyasu (Fushitsusha, Sete Star Sept, ex-The Endless Blockade, Kawaguchi Masami's New Rock Syndicate)
*Event page*

8/23/16 @ Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle WA 
Duo w/ Chris Brokaw
also playing: 

8/31/16 @ Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle WA 
also playing: 

9/2/16 @ Gallery 1412, Seattle WA 
also playing:

9/3/16 @ Teatro de la Psychomachia, Seattle WA
I am not performing at this event, but am facilitating its happening - please come!

9/19/16 @ The Royal Room, Seattle WA 
Trio w/ Tatsuya Nakatani, Amy Denio

RECENT PAST (and not mentioned previously in this space):

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  1. Mr. Kelley

    I do believe I missed your special day, but do believe I am within the tolerances of wishing that said special day was a good one!

    Come to CANADA!