Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Upcoming shows

12/13/09 [Sun] Grey Matter Books, Hadley MA
with Liz Tonne & Vic Rawlings
also AM Frank, Cave Bears

12/31/09 [Thu] Hynes Convention Center, Boston MA 7:30pm to 11pm
Intransitive & Boston First Night present:
Heathen Shame 10:30pm to 11pm
also Jessica Rylan, Oneohtrix Point Never, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Skeletons Out

2/5/10 [Fri] Goethe Institut, Boston MA
with Birgit Uhler & Forbes Graham

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nmperign Foxy Digitalis Interview


November 6, 2009: Sons of God; Greg Kelley @ MassArt by Susanna Bolle

Hair Police: Our Minds Problems Vol. 4 quadruple c30

"september 2009 release ; epic 4-tape box (covering 2 hours of music !!!) from mike connelly, robert beatty, and trevor tremaine’s hair police, continuing their “our minds problems” series of archival issues covering jams, gigs, and blowouts culled from 8 years of their existence & featuring work from former members matt minter & ross compton as well as outsiders greg kelley, c. spencer yeh, and john olson
this set was manufactured as a “fundraiser” for their fall 2009 european tour ; mms received half of the tinypressing to help the guys out (i.e. this is only available here & out on the ‘ol lonesome road) ... naturally, it comes highly recommended !!!"

Recorded 2001-2009
All Sides: Beatty, Connelly, Tremaine
Collaborators: John Olson (2), Greg Kelley (3), C.S. Yeh (4)
Former Accomplices: Matt Minter (1), Ross Compton (1)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Release: nmperign "Ommatidia" CD

"nmperign are one of the most celebrated and influential bands in contemporary improvised music. Yet surprisingly, more than a decade after their debut, Greg Kelley (trumpet) and Bhob Rainey (soprano sax) have never recorded a studio album as an unaccompanied duo… until now!
The music is spare and peerlessly inventive as always, but the mood remains light and joyful, with a subtle undercurrent of absurd humor. While improvised music can sometimes seem airless and precious, Ommatidia opens the window on a sunny afternoon… the album’s gusts of breath, percussive splatter, and controlled explosions form six succinct pieces that feel alive and vital, while still speaking in nmperign’s utterly unique sonic language. A perfect way in for newcomers and a revelation for long-time fans,Ommatidia is the essential nmperign.
Previous nmperign albums have employed guest musicians – notably close collaborator and tape loop saboteur Jason Lescalleet, but also luminaries such as Gunter Mueller, Axel Doerner, Andrea Neumann, and Burkhard Beins – and subversive or dodgy recording techniques; their 2xLP on Siwa was recorded entirely to micro-cassette and cassette walkman, while an early CD on Selektion was edited from live mini-disc recordings. Intransitive is proud to present the nmperign album that fans have been waiting for: the core duo, beautifully recorded in an actual studio with excellent microphones.
When not making nmperign music, Greg Kelley performs with the aggressively psychedelic noise unit Heathen Shame (along with Wayne Rogers & Kate Village of Major Stars), minimalist chamber group The Undr Quartet, and raucous rock band Life Partners. Rainey regularly tours with folk/pop duo Damon & Naomi and leads The BSC, an eight-piece electro-acoustic improvising ensemble. They live in Boston and New Orleans, respectively.
Limited edition CD comes in full-color digipack designed by Mike Shiflet.
Praise for Ommatidia:
“nmperign have never sounded better!” – The Wire

“The pieces, relatively short, are assembled for maximum impact and, to these ears, carry a higher concentration of mass and solidity than before… more active, guttural…louder than one might expect, but the distribution of weight in each is almost compositional in character, really impressive how balanced they are. Great dynamic and, dare I say it, emotional range is covered over the course of “Ommatidia”’s 38 minutes. Excellent recording.” – Just Outside

“Like with their previous work, Nmperign show they are true masters…The six pieces on this CD are great. Very refined playing, highly free and improvised, but very open, fresh and spacious… Excellent!” – Vital Weekly
Praise for nmperign’s previous albums:
“(nmperign’s) attention to the architecture of improvisation, control over a huge palette of sonic material, and ability to explore the extremes of music-making with subtley and wit mark them as two of the most original thinkers in free improvisation today.” – The Boston Phoenix

“There’s an everlasting debate on just what to call the type of improv nmperign practice, and there’s no one term that seems to please everyone… whatever you might want to call it, nmperign have been at the forefront of the style for years.” – Dusted Magazine
“nmperign is one of the brightest stars in the increasingly splattered experimental/improv/noise/whatever constellation. Both open-eared and tirelessly self-critical, Kelley and Rainey create uniquely restless, spiny microcosms from rusty sputters and metal-on-metal scrapes, guided by an aesthetic as open to Wolf Eyes’ graveyard lurch as it is to Lachenmann’s atomized instrumentalism.” – Stylus Magazine
“They are an East Coast duo pushing the envelope of the genre to the end of the earth and flicking it off the edge… “ – Tiny Mix Tapes

“It would be nonsense to call this music ‘minimal’; on the contrary, their way of making music refines our senses and gives precision to a double movement of internalization and openmindedness. So space is opened and landmarks disappear.” – Improjazz"

Friday, September 25, 2009

Upcoming shows

10/8/09 [Thu] Knitting Factory, Brooklyn NY
with Alan Licht & Sean Meehan
also Chris Brokaw 12 string guitar trio, Wrekmeister Harmonies

10/10/09 [Sat] Nom D'Artiste, Boston MA
with Jaime Fennelly
also Vic Rawlings, Chris Peck

10/24/09 [Sat] Festival Densités, Fresnes-en-Woëvre FRANCE
with Jason Lescalleet
also Oren Ambarchi, Peter Brotzmann, Toshinori Kondo, Barre Phillips, Lionel Marchetti, Jérôme Noetinger, Jazkamer, Phil Minton, etc....

Full Densités Schedule:

Friday October 23
Barre Phillips / Emmanuelle Pepin (dance)

Eric La Casa
Sophie Agnel / Lionel Marchetti / Jérôme Noetinger
Burkhard Beins
Jazkamer (John Hegre, Lasse Marhaug, Nils Are Dronen)

Saturday October 24
John Tilbury

Isabelle Duthoit / Phil Minton
Birgit Uhler / Heddy Boubaker
Natacha Muslera/ Damien Schultz
Robbie Avenaim
Greg Kelley / Jason Lescalleet
Eddy Kowalski / Alain Sallet (dance)
Bertrand Gauguet / Thomas Lehn / Franz Hautzinger
Oren Ambarchi / Robert Piotrowicz

Sunday October 25
Burkhard Beins (installation POR)

Peter Brotzmann, Toshinori Kondo, Massimo Pupillo, Paal Nilssen-Love
Natacha Muslera/ Damien Schultz
Sebastien Coste / Shadi Fahti
(12h-13h) Charlie O. trio

More info: http://vudunoeuf.asso.fr/densites/index.html

11/6/09 [Sat] Mass Art, Boston MA
also Sons of God

2/5/10 [Fri] Goethe Institut, Boston MA
with Birgit Uhler & Forbes Graham

New Release: Life Partners "Men Are Talking" LP


"Put needle to vinyl, and singer Dave Dougan manages to take vulgarity to new heights, exchanging his 7-inch-era potty mouth for more abstruse lyrical satire. Musically, the mating of riffs between trumpeter Greg Kelley and guitarist Mike Dupuy is something really special, akin to the savant aspects of “idiocy.” If it’s possible for abrasiveness to be compelling, clever and refined, Life Partners achieve all of the above on Men Are Talking. And somehow, in combination it’s beautiful."

Order now:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Upcoming events

7/30/09 [Thu] Outpost, Cambridge MA
with Bill Nace & Jake Meginsky
also Frederick Farryl Goodwin

8/1/09 [Sat] Wire Sounds Loft, Boston MA
with Jason Lescalleet
also Graveyards, Ghost Grass