Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Release: Nmperign with Jake Meginsky: Selected Occasions of Handsome Deceit

"REL012 is the recorded debut of the trio Nmperign with Jake Meginsky. Pressed on 160 gram copper plate mastered vinyl, REL012 features Nmperign in an energized, turn-on-a-dime form. Prodded by Meginsky into unnamable, angular textures, the trio is agile and unpredictable, occupying many angles of musical extremes. REL012 is a one-sided LP cut to 45 for Maximum Dynamic range. Featuring a striking cover, designed by Eli Keszler, printed by Ashley Paul. A light blue fold-over paper is integrated in to a heavy picture disc sleeve, labeled with a color sticker. Screened notes are featured on the inside. REL012 is a one-time, hand-numbered edition of 300 copies."

$18 plus postage
look/listen/order @:

And get the new Usurper LP, too!

January 14, 2010: Live on WZBC by Susanna Bolle

See the whole set here:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rare Frequency

I'll be playing on WZBC's Rare Frequency this Thursday, January 14th, ~8pm EST.

Pre-show interview:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Upcoming shows

2/4/10 [Thu] PAs Lounge, Somerville MA
with Chris Corsano & Bill Nace
also Noise Nomads, Needy Visions, Cotton Candy

2/5/10 [Fri] Goethe Institute, Boston MA
with Birgit Uhler & Forbes Graham

2/20/10 [Sat] Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY
Fragments Shoring Ruin
Premiering "Bursts in ultraviolet air" for 15 speakers
also Chris Brokaw, Matt Heyner/Sean Meehan

3/6/10 [Sat] Mobius, Boston MA

3/17/10 [Wed] Outpost, Cambridge MA
with Seijiro Murayama & James Coleman
also Geoff Mullen/Keith Fullerton Whitman

Happy New Year!

Heathen Shame, New Year's Eve, 2009 by Ashley Payne