Thursday, May 23, 2019

May-June performances


6/7/19 @ The Chapel, Seattle WA
Performing Lori Goldston's Rivulet w/ Lori Goldston/Dave Abramson/Kole Galbraith/Haley Freedlund
*Event page*

5/29/19 @ Vermillion, Seattle WA 
w/ Haley Freedlund/Amelia Coulter

Recently passed... 

I got to sit in for the opening intro of Kinski's set at the legendary River Dan's and joined Philly/Chattanooga's Virtual Balboa for the last set of their West coast tour.

5/16/19 @ Vermillion, Seattle WA 
w/ Virtual Balboa (Evan Lipson/Zach Darrup/Ben Bennett)
also Wally Shoup/Casey Adams, Sundowner Band, Yeomna
*Event page*

5/4/19 @ River Dan's, Seattle WA 
w/ Kinski (opening intro)

Recordings 2019

Despite playing live 20-30 times a year since I've moved to Seattle, I haven't released a lot of recordings. While I don't necessarily see this as a "problem" that needs to be "remedied" in the grand destructive scheme of Earth 2019, I'm glad that the following new recordings are out there for anyone for whom they may provide some distraction, entertainment, ideas, opportunity for reflection or critique or "whatever works." My favorite definition of music is from David Weinstein & Jim Staley of Roulette Intermedium's Einstein's Guide to the Musical Universe, which was an underground guide to booking shows, tours, releasing music, etc. In the glossary "music" was defined as (I'm paraphrasing here as I haven't had the book for years, unfortunately), "Anything you use in the same way that you use 'music'." So, use these in whatever manner you choose....

Greg Kelley/Rob Noyes: split C30 cassette (no label)
Released April 2019
One side solo acoustic 12 string guitar, one side solo acoustic trumpet. I have copies of the cassette (Rob has sold out) and it is also available digitally here:

untitled LP (Sähkö Recordings)
Released March 2019
I'm on the last 1~2 minutes of one of the 2 sidelong tracks on this untitled LP by Kevin Drumm.
12" and download available here:

Hound Dog Taylor's Hand: Live at the Clock-Out download
Released May 2019
I joined Hound Dog Taylor's Hand at the end of 2017. This is a ~ 26 minute live recording from the end of 2018.
Available here:

Chris Brokaw: End of the Night LP (VDSQ) / CD/download (tak:til/Glitterbeat)
Released May 2019
I'm on the first and last tracks of this instrumental album by Chris Brokaw.
LP available here:
CD available here:
Download available here: