Wednesday, December 9, 2020

After April...

Lots has happened since I last posted on April 8th (2020) about cancelled gigs and download-only releases; much of it not good, at least from a global perspective. 45's reign will end but the legacy will fester. Creative concerns have been back-burnered, but percolate in fits and starts. Here are some things that have happened or manifested over the past 8 months. Stay safe & sane.

Given the strife, sparked awareness and desire for connection & community, here are some links/organizations that are worth your consideration. 

The Marsha P. Johnson Institute "As transness is now more accessible to the world, introducing the Institute to BLACK trans people who are resisting, grappling with survival, and looking for community has become a clear need."
Violence in Boston "Creating safer, healthier, and empowered black and brown communities."
BEAM: Black Emotional And Mental Health collective "We are a collective of advocates, yoga teachers, artists, therapists, lawyers, religious leaders, teachers, psychologists and activists committed to the emotional/mental health and healing of Black communities."
Potlach Fund "Native Americans receive less than one half of one percent of philanthropic dollars in the US. Yet these communities experience disproportionately high rates of * poverty * unemployment * disease" "Potlatch Fund formed in 2002 by Tribal organizations and funders to address this disparity, developing and empowering Native leadership and making the best use of tribal resources."
MHz Foundation "The mission of the MHz Foundation is to connect people with global cultural resources and perspectives through open knowledge." (To give you a window into their operations, the great Ben Hall is on the board here.)
The I-Collective "Our vision is to increase visibility; own our foods and culture; promote Indigenous ingredients and histories in our modern world."

Greg Kelley/Vic Rawlings: February 9, 2000 ~download only~ released 12/9/20. Noel Kennon discovered evidence of this demo CDr on a blog with an expired link. These were recordings made on the titular date in Vic's living room for demo purposes to help us get some gigs for a forthcoming tour. Proceeds from this release are all going to The I-Collective.

Hound Dog Taylor's Hand: HDTH AND, part 1 ~download only~ released 12/4/2020. HDTH collaborations with Stephen Parris, Sandy Ewen, Paul r. Harding/Ben Hunter and Rob Millis/Christopher Burns with all proceeds going to Food Lifeline.

11/21/20 @ Sonorium, Salem Access TV, Salem MA ~7pm live streaming event~
Also Jen Gelineau
This was my first appearance on Andrea Pensado's Sonorium series in Salem, MA. We performed live for cameras with no audience. (My first COVID-era live streaming show with video.) The unedited "live" video is currently still HERE (my set is from 15:33-33:45), but will be edited and re-uploaded.

10/18/20 @ Southwest Corridor Park, Jamaica Plain MA ~3pm outdoor event~
Duo with Henry Fraser
Also, Andrea Pensado/Brittany Karlson, Matt Delligatti
My first show for live humans since 2/16/20 and my first appearance back in Boston as a resident. Outdoors, masked (except for me when playing) and distanced. 

Fordell Reserch Unit: Dirts Flock Hereof ~download only~ released 9/11/2020. Compilation of tracks manipulating other artists' sound sources. The track Chapel, Seattle uses a solo set of mine from 2015 as the sole sound source. 

Greg Kelley: Not eating crow ~download only~ released 9/7/20. A 7 minute track recorded May 30, 2020 for the AMPLIFY2020: quarantine project. 

The Eagles of Hair Metal: Live at Tonic 2007 ~download only~ released 7/3/2020. A live set featuring Alan Licht, Tamio Shiraishi, Michael Bernstein, Keith Fullerton Whitman and me. (It also lists Carlos Giffoni, but I don't think Carlos actually participated.)

Greg Kelley/Vic Rawlings: untitled ~download only~ released 5/29/2020. A 5 minute track recorded separately without hearing the other person's track - for the Distant Duos series. 

Hound Dog Taylor's Hand: Disquiet EP ~download only~ released 5/1/2020. 2 tracks totaling 12 minutes from sessions in April & September 2019. 

Jandek Boston Friday 2CD released 4/28/20. Live set recorded June 8, 2007 at The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. The Representative with Jorrit Dijskstra, Eli Keszler & me. 

4/26/20 @ Principles In Non-Isolation Audio ~5pm PST live streaming audio-only event~
Duo with Danishta Rivero, Quartet with Danishta Rivero, Chris Cooper & Jacob Felix Heule
Also Chris Cooper/Jacob Felix Heule, DJ Lucy
My first streaming, COVID-era event. Audio-only.