Wednesday, November 15, 2017

More November, December

12/29/17 @ The Blue Moon, Seattle WA

12/21/17 @ Good Shepherd Chapel, Seattle WA
w/ Sue Ann Harkey/Lori Goldston presenting Sue Ann Harkey's What Happens If I Do Nothing – Field Recordings to improvise to
also Blessed Blood, Jason McGill
*Event page*

12/8/17 @ Big Joy Festival, Remington Gallery, Vancouver BC (CANADA)
also Nhattik, Burrow Owl, Psychedelic Attack, Fracture, rrkkttss, no membership, DJ Elisa Ferrari
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12/1/17 @ El Corazon, Seattle WA
w/ Hound Dog Taylor's Hand + guests (Gregg Keplinger on drums instead of Mark Ostrowski)
Last minute fill-in for Pere Ubu cancellation.
also Diminished Men, Shake the Baby Til the Love Comes Out, Michael Flannagan
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11/18/17 @ The Blue Moon, Seattle WA
w/ Hound Dog Taylor's Hand (I will be sitting in, making the trio's "highbrow brutalism and cranky chaos" a slightly crankier quartet.)
also Diminished Men, Ghidra (reunion!)

11/17/17 @ Chum Bucket, Seattle, WA
also Syko Friend, nación de humo, Nicholas Merz

11/9/17 @ Good Shepherd Chapel, Seattle WA
I sat in for the end of the 2nd set of Lori Goldston & Judith Hamann's Earshot Jazz Festival event.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

3 Autumn Actions

8pm, 11/3/17 @ Woodland Theater, Seattle WA
DUOSS w/ Judith Hamann, Alan Jones
also Chris Icasiano
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8pm, 10/27/17 @ Gallery 1412, Seattle WA
w/ Haley Freedlund, Jason McGill
also Heather Bentley/Leanna Keith, Noel Kennon/Seth Laster
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4pm, 10/21/17 @ Jack Straw Fall Artist Showcase, Jack Straw Cultural Center, Seattle WA
Performed on Uighur Suite from Dennis Rea's Giant Steppes with Dennis Rea, Greg Campbell, Dick Valentine, James DeJoie
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August Activity

8/17/17 @ Gallery 1412, Seattle WA 
Also... Matt Weston (Albany NY), Liquid Letters (China Faith Star from Olympia WA)

6:30pm 8/19/17 @ The Dungeon (1409 South Hanford St), Seattle WA 
Duo with Unknown Rockstar (Sam Stephens from New Zealand)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


On Thursday, July 20th, I will be joining French hornist Tom Varner, clarinetists James Falzone & Beth Fleenor and percussionist Greg Campbell for a series of "summer improvisations and meditations" at Gallery 1412 in Seattle. 8pm. 

On Monday, July 24th, I will be joining Kinski for a few tunes at Cafe Pettirosso in Seattle on a bill with Wild Powwers and Charms. 8pm.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March, April

4/28/17 @ Good Shepherd Chapel, Seattle WA w/ Eveline Müller's "Song of the Ice Flow" (EM, GK, Lori Goldston, Patrick Neill Gundran, Steve Peters, Amber West, Austin Larkin), also Klang Quintet
*Event page*

4/20/17 @ Fremont Abbey Arts Center, Seattle WA w/ Lori Goldston, also Bing & Ruth, Zen Mother
*Event page*

4/14/17 @ Good Shepherd Chapel, Seattle WA w/ Rob Millis, also Jim Haynes, Ensemble Economique

4/7/17 @ Good Shepherd Chapel, Seattle WA Solo, also C. Spencer Yeh, John Krausbauer

4/6/17 @ Disjecta, Portland OR Solo, also C. Spencer Yeh, John Krausbauer, Witscher/Siever
*Event page*

3/26/17 @ Beacon Radio 1, Seattle WA Solo, also Naomi Moon Siegel/Sean Woolstenhulme
*Event page*

3/2/17 @ Barboza, Seattle WA w/ Lori Goldston, also Shitty Person, The Spoils of Seattle

Thursday, February 9, 2017

January, February

2/18/17 @ MiMoDa Studio, Los Angeles CA Solos & Group sets with Eyvind Kang & Bill Orcutt
*Event page*

I will be sitting in with Arrington de Dionyso's Spiritual Free Jazz protest band.
*Event page*
Trumpet, mini-amp; electric guitar; metal percussion

1/19/17 @ Good Shepherd Chapel, Seattle WA w/ Seattle Phonographers Union + Tom Varner
Seattle Phonographers Union – a collective of artists improvising with unprocessed field recordings – perform one of their infrequent “ambient” sets, with group members dispersed around the space and playing through an array of individual sound systems. Even more unusual, tonight they break one of their own rules and are joined by instrumentalists Greg Kelley (trumpet) and Tom Varner (French horn).