Tuesday, February 19, 2019


I haven't updated anything here since September and am not sure if this blog acts a mere log for me or if anyone else actually sees it (a recent comment tells me maybe it's not *just* me). The lack of personal content may affect that, so maybe I'll start adding lists of books, records, etc. as I have in the past. (Currently making my way through Raymond Chandler's novels.) 

Here are some shows that have happened in the interim, I'll start adding some forthcoming events soon:

2/16/19 @ Nalanda West, Seattle WA Trio w/ Lori Goldston/Paolo Chacolla
1/18/19 @ The Chapel, Seattle WA Solo and duo w/ Matt Ingalls (who also played a solo set)

12/8/18 @ Clock Out Lounge, Seattle WA w/ Hound Dog Taylor's Hand, also Kinski, The Fall-Outs
12/4/18 @ Spite House, Seattle WA Solo & a short duo with Wally Shoup
10/8/18 @ Empty Bottle, Chicago IL w/ Ben Baker Billington, Daniel Wyche, Mark Shippy
10/8/18 @ Experimental Sound Studios, Chicago IL Solo and discussion
10/7/18 @ Hungry Brain, Chicago IL Trios w/ Michael Zerang/Jim Baker, Carol Genetti/Jeff Kimmel