Sunday, September 12, 2021

2021 so far...

"Most melancholy of all the hours of earth, is that one long, gray hour, which to the watcher by the lamp intervenes between the night and day; when both lamp and watcher, over-tasked, grow sickly in the pallid light; and the watcher, seeking for no gladness in the dawn, sees naught but garish vapors there; and almost invokes a curse upon the public day, that shall invade his lonely night of sufferance."
-Herman Melville, Pierre: Or, the Ambiguities 

9/19/21 @ 10 Forward, Greenfield MA

9/14/21 @ The Lilypad, Cambridge MA 
Quintet with Eric Rosenthal, Jorrit Dyjkstra, Eric Hoffbauer, Nate McBride
Also Cutout (Pandelis Karayorgis, Jorrit Dijkstra, Jeb Bishop, Nathan McBride, Luther Gray)

8/28/21 @ Boston Jazz Fest, Maritime Park, Boston MA 
Trio with Brittany Karlson, Eric Rosenthal 1:30-2:30pm
Karlson/Kelley/Rosenthal 8/28/21 by Chris Brokaw

8/21/21 @ Fisher Hill Reservoir Park, Brookline MA 
GK 8/21/21 by Danny Gromfin

Duo with Henry Fraser at the Waterworks Museum
Premiered on 5/28/21 @ Non-Event At Home Series and is now viewable HERE

Garrett Moore Quartet: Untitled Free Improvisations – Live Recordings 2017 – 2019 (Wayward in Limbo #114) ~download only~ released 5/14/21.
Garrett Moore (drums) / Greg Kelley (trumpet) / John Seman (contrabass) / Jeffery Taylor (electric guitar)

5/1/21 @ Southwest Corridor Park, Jamaica Plain MA ~4pm outdoor event~
*Event page*

Tom Varner's Sounds Vespers Ensemble (Wayward in Limbo #99) ~download only~ released 3/26/21.
Samantha Boshnack & Greg Kelley, trumpet; Ray Larsen, cornet; Jim Knodle, flugelhorn; Haley Freedlund, trombone; Tom Varner, French horn; Greg Campbell, percussion and tuba; Steve Barsotti & Steve Peters, field recordings/electronics.

Dennis Rea: Giant Steppes CD (Moonjune Records) released 1/21/21.
GK on 1 track, Live at Goachang, (alongside the great Stuart Dempster)

Hound Dog Taylor's Hand: HDTH AND, part 2 ~download only~ released 1/5/21. The "And..." series continues with collaborations with Amy Denio, AF Jones, Wally Shoup and Dave Knott and all proceeds again going to Food Lifeline.