Sunday, October 13, 2013

UK Tour: November 9-17, 2013

11/09/13 @ Colour Out of Space, Brighton ENGLAND
DUO with Dylan Nyoukis, also playing: many, many, many others...

11/11/13 @ Cafe Oto, London ENGLAND
SOLO, also playing: Dinosaurs With Horns, Gen Ken Montgomery, Kenny Millions/Rat Bastard

11/12/13 @ Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield ENGLAND
SOLO, also playing: Attic Salt, Chalaque

11/13/13 @ Oklahoma Giftshop/Cafe Basement, Manchester ENGLAND
SOLO, also playing: Pascal Nichols/Alex Humphreys 6pm *early show*

11/14/13 @ The Mining Institute, Newcastle ENGLAND
SOLO, also playing: Witchblood, Popular Radiation

11/15/13 @ Alison House, Atrium, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh SCOTLAND
SOLO, also playing: Usurper, Edimpro

11/16/13 @ Fritz's Place, Glasgow SCOTLAND
SOLO, also playing: Usurper, With Lumps + Yoni Silver