Sunday, February 28, 2016

West Coast Tour with Bill Nace, 3/5-12/16

Greg Kelley: trumpet, amplifier, pedals
Bill Nace: electric guitar, amplifier, pedals

Greg Kelley (nmperign, Heathen Shame, The BSC) and Bill Nace (Body/Head, x.o.4, Vampire Belt, Ceylon Mange, Northampton Wools) first played together in Anna Rampage with Paul Flaherty & Ben Karetnick in 2006. Since that time they have performed in trios with Jake Meginsky and Chris Corsano, in quartets with Corsano & Paul Flaherty and Wally Shoup & Greg Campbell, and, starting in 2011, as a duo. They toured the East Coast/Mid-West in 2012 with Matt Krefting and released a split cassette with Krefting for the occasion on Nace's Open Mouth imprint. Open Mouth also released an LP of their quartet with Wally Shoup & Greg Campbell in 2015. Utilizing an array of extended instrumental techniques, amplification and effects pedals, Kelley and Nace have allowed themselves an extensive palette to work with and set no boundaries as to where it will bring them. Delicate sound fields may slowly unfold only to then disintegrate into waves of tumult. Tumult may then bore itself into a maze of soft refrigerators.

In 2014, Kelley relocated from Boston to Seattle and in early 2016, Nace temporarily relocated from Northampton, MA to Los Angeles. To mark the occasion, they are embarking on a West Coast tour.

3/5 (Sat) San Diego - Low Gallery; also performing: Francisco Eme, Bonnie Lander/Clint McCallum, Joe Cantrell

3/6 (Sun) Los Angeles - (the) Handbag Factory

3/7 (Mon) San Francisco - The Lab; also performing: Matt Ingalls, Chris Cooper

3/8 (Tues) Corvallis - Interzone Cafe; also performing: Delete, No Method

3/9 (Wed) Portland - Disjecta; also performing: Clown Car (members of MSHR, Smegma, Fiasco), Daniel Menche

3/10 (Thu): Olympia - Trinacria

3/11 (Fri): Seattle - Gallery 1412 Quartet with Wally Shoup & Greg Campbell; also performing: Chris Brokaw, #tits

3/12 (Sat): Vancouver - Destroy XV, VIVO Media Arts Centre; also performing: Arma Agharta, Dan Leonard, Katherine Kline, Peter Courtemanche, Peter Kutin