Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ordinary Fanfares 2001

10 years ago, I had a short-lived radio show on WMFO, 91.5 FM, Medford MA (Tufts University). With no streaming and a pretty low bandwidth, here's what no one heard...

ordinary fanfares playlist #1 - february 20, 2001 
wmfo 91.5fm, medford massachussetts

1. kent tankred: ps 3 [ordinary things CD - fylkingen]
2. linda perhacs: parallelograms [parallelograms CD - the wild places]
3. the shadow ring: the wallet of wasps [the music of the shadow ring 7" - dry leaf discs]
4. ghedalia tazartes: part 2 [une eclipse totale de soleil CD - alga marghen]
5. black dice: track b1 [10" - troubleman unlimited]
6. angry hate: blinking blue lights [7"]
7. muddy waters: she's alright [electric mud CD - chess]
8. loren boyer: au peche mignon [des parasites risquent de se produire CD - intransitive]
9. jason lescalleet: part 1 [another example of parkinson's law 7" - freedom from]
10. sunn o))): richard [00 void CD - hh noise industries]
11. bhob rainey: part 2 [6 standing desert LP - fringes]
12. the frogs: the longing goes away [hopscotch lollipop sunday surprise CD - scratchie]
13. walter marchetti: coma vigile [antibarbarus CD - alga marghen]
14. heimir björgulfsson: track 2 [discreet journey digitalis CD - ritornell]
15. steve martin: funny comedy gags & closing [let's get small LP - warner bros.]
16. per svensson: cosmic trip circle & dirt [energy loop/element II CD - firework edition]

ordinary fanfares playlist #2 - march 20, 2001 
wmfo 91.5fm, medford massachussetts // www.wmfo.org

1. the beach boys: the night was so young [love you CD - capitol]
2. david behrman: runthrough [wave train CD - alga marghen]
3. vashti bunyan: diamond day [just another diamond day CD - spinney]
4. coyle & sharpe: three-ism [audio visionaries CD - thirsty ear]
5. the bill dixon orchestra: metamorphosis 1962-1966 [intents and purposes LP - rca victor]
6. kevin drumm: organ [comedy CD - moikai]
7. john frusciante: the first season [to record only water for ten days CD - warner bros.]
8. brion gysin: b [the pool k iii CD - alga marghen]
9. franz hautzinger: w.m. [gomberg CD - grob]
10. mauricio kagel: hallelujah [hallelujah LP - deutsche grammophon]
11. philus: koentsyymi/tutkat [tetra CD - sahko]
12. don rickles: some good friends [speaks LP - warner bros.]

ordinary fanfares playlist #3 - april 3, 2001 
wmfo 91.5fm, medford massachussetts // www.wmfo.org

1. neil hamburger: the x-rated hot dog vendor [america's funnyman CD - drag city]
2. dark noerd: smokin' husks [gummo soundtrack CD - innerstate/london]
3. sun ra: the wind speaks [my brother the wind volume 2 CD - evidence]
4. stephen p. mcgreevy: 3, 4, 5 [auroral chorus ii: music of the magnetosphere CD]
5. bruce haack: program me/chant of the unicorn [hush little robot CD - q.d.k. media]
6. wolf eyes: black rows [wolf eyes CD - bulb]
7. burzum: burzum [filosofem CD - misanthropy records]
8. atsuhiro ito: voltage [atsuhiro ito CD-R - omega point]
9. augst/carl/korn: polke [blank CD - fmp]
10. george perkins and the silver stars: crying in the streets [down & out: the sad soul of the black south CD - trikont]
11. iggy pop & james williamson: sell your love [kill city CD - bomp!]
12. mats gustafsson: success in dromme ii [the education of lars jerry CD - xeric]
13. fennesz: 010 [plus forty seven degrees 56'37" minus sixteen degrees 51'08" CD - mego]
14. robert ashley: she was a visitor [automatic writing CD - lovely]
15. jpt scare band: king rat [sleeping sickness CD - monster records]
16. ol' dirty bastard: i can't wait (acappella) [got your money CD-single - elektra]
17. willem breuker: continuous c sharp [lunch concert for three barrel organs LP - icp]
18. bernard parmegiani: et apres.. [pop eclectic CD - plate lunch]
19. muller/sugimoto: snow pocket [i am happy if you are happy CD - for4ears]

ordinary fanfares playlist #4 - april 17, 2001 
wmfo 91.5fm, medford massachussetts // www.wmfo.org

1. clark-hutchinson: improvisation on a modal scale [a=mh2 CD - repertoire]
2. afrika bambaataa: looking for the perfect beat [looking for the perfect beat 1980-1985 CD - tommy boy]
3. brainbombs: anne frank [singles CD - load]
4. yoshimitsu ichiraku: machine headz [the music of surround panner CD - zero gravity]
5. sven-ake johansson: rasche achtel [six little pieces for quintet CD - hatOLOGY]
6. bethlehem: schatten aus der alexander welt [dictius te necare CD - red stream]
7. hasil adkins: i need your head (...this ain't no rock & roll show) [out to hunch LP - norton]
8. mark bain: skowhegan bridge [vibronics 3" CD - staalplaat]
9. fushitsusha: thought it went so well? [a death never to be complete CD - tokuma]
10. sandro gorli: requiem (ensemble vocal europeen de la chapelle royale/philippe herreweghe) [gesualdo/gorli CD - harmonia mundi]
11. hawd gankstuh rappuhs mc's wid ghatz: mind if i fart? [2hype 2wype CD - wordsound]
12. rodney dangerfield: no respect [no respect LP - casablanca]