Wednesday, September 12, 2018

September continued...

"Oh, it's a long, long while from May to December
But the days grow short when you reach September"
- Maxwell Anderson, September Song

9/15/18 @ Avennia Winery, Woodinville WA
with Hound Dog Taylor's Hand
*Event page*

9/13/18 @ Woodland Theater, Seattle WA
with Dave Abramson Alpinist Trio (Abramson, Noel Kennon)
also Bill Horist, Sean Lane
*Event page*

9/8/18 @ Sh'Bang! Festival, Lookout Arts Quarry, Bellingham WA
with Lori Goldston
*Event page*


  1. Hi Gregg, it's 1/19/2019.

    You put on a fantastic performance(s) last night at the Chapel Music space. I was the guy getting weirdly excited about "disjecta" and the show you put on there...

    ...after sleeping on it, I realized, the lp you have from March 16 is with a guitarist...that was a great show, opened with a weird drone band with like antler instruments, a guy playing a metal thing, and a video loop of a waterfall, right? Good times. I was lugging around a gigantic copy of Ana Karenina.

    Thanks for the show, wish I could have told you this directly but it likely means more to me than to've put on some GREAT shows, wish I had a vinyl player since that one was also fun, like the one last night.

    Peace and weird "notes" out.

    1. Thanks! I often wonder if anyone sees this blog, so I've been derelict in updating it, but thanks for the kind words. And yes, that show at Disjecta was a duo with guitarist Bill Nace. The rest of the bill that night was Daniel Menche and Clown Car (the large group with members of Smegma/Tenses, MSHR & Fiasco). I'll update this site more and hope to cross paths again. - Greg